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Volume 1 + 2 "Egyptian Pyramids"

Volume 1 + 2 "Egyptian Pyramids"

Under the title “Egyptian Pyramids”, two remarkable books were self distributed by the Hobby-Ägyptologen group. They provide information about the architecture and construction of the clay brick mastabas and the pyramids on the Nile. In these large format books with a total of 400 pages and 1000 black and white photos, drawings, site plans, sketches, timetables and logos show the life and thoughts of the people of ancient Egypt using their constructions, which they created with the belief in life after death. In addition, an overview of the chronological construction history of the pyramids of the 3rd Dynasty (2667 BCE) to the 13th Dynasty (1750 BCE) is provided against a historical backdrop. The construction history of the Egyptian grave painters of the Pharaoh is completely described, beginning with the clay brick mastabas and going to the pyramids of the 2nd interim period. Furthermore, the individual constructions are presented with construction drawings which are, in part, based upon the measurements conducted by the Hobby-Ägyptologen on site.

Excerpt from an article by Dr. Emma BrunnerTraut, Egyptologist and
Professor Emeritus at the University of Tübingen on the first volume:

“…The incredible achievement behind this work is now clear. What excitement, what devotion, what dedication, what imagination, academic knowledge, organizational skill and technical work, seen completely aside from the necessary travel, were required to create this work. And the costs are not even mentioned once. Professionals as well as fans will derive benefits from this book. Aside from this work, there is no comparable handbook which offers an overview of the construction of Egyptian pyramids from such diverse points of view. And the drawings are provided with such painstaking care! Truly a model! Whoever is not impressed by the structures alone, will certainly recognize their error through the documentation of the structures. The book is created with a great deal of love and attention. It presents a treasure trove for every fan of Egypt and hobby Egyptologist as well as architects, which clearly and comfortably summarizes the research results and most welcomely provides the plans and accompanying illustrations. This is why the book is, without a doubt, also useful for students of Egyptology, for a quick overview and information. This book is particularly a strong introduction for beginning students for the sense, system, historical significance as well as problems of the structures. Therefore, I can only give the book my strongest recommendation and wish their authors their deserved success......"

Book Edition:
Hardcover Book with binding and round corners, colorful jacket on 2 mm binding, wrapped in cellophane, books individually shring wrapped, interior pages; glare free rading

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