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Ink Drawings on Transparent Paper

We possess a large number of hand drawn ink drawings. They show site plans, ground plans, and sections of the royal and nonroyal pyramids, mastabas and shaft graves from the Giza Plateau and Saqqara North. The found vessels, sarcophagi and other burial items in the respective graves are listed in detail. The stroke width has been chosen so that a reduction is usable in books. These uniquely expressive drawings were intended for use in our upcoming third Egypt volume. Unfortunately, it is no longer possible for us to create this third volume, as the manufacturing of print lithographs independently is no longer possible. Over 500 drawings of site plans, sections and ground plans of pyramids, mastabas and graves are available. The discovered grave objects and sarcophagi are marked on the majority of the drawings. These drawings are made on transparent paper (sizes DIN A2 to DIN A4). We are searching for a helpful and useful application for these ink drawings.